Enterprise & Cloud Solutions

Powerful solutions to support the largest restaurant operations.

World-Class Enterprise Solutions

POSitouch caters to some of the most well-known restaurant chains in the country and has the expertise and capabilities to scale to even the largest enterprise operations.

Customizable Solutions

Any enterprise architecture can be accommodated, including corporate-owned locations, franchise models, or a combination of both.

Configuration Management

The POS databases for all stores can be centrally managed to reflect differences in products, menus, and prices.

Data Migration & Warehousing

Sales, labor and inventory data from the store level can be extracted automatically and easily incorporated into any database or data warehousing solution at any tier of the enterprise.

Cloud Connectivity

Stay connected to your entire operation with POSicloud

POSicloud is a powerful business management tool that enables you to access your sales information from any computer or mobile device. In addition to advanced reporting capabilities, POSicloud also provides real-time notifications via email or text to notify you of any potential issues at your business. POSicloud puts your business at your fingertips!

Site Dashboard

Monitor “system health” for each individual site from a central location.

Cloud Reporting

A wide range of configurable reports can be viewed for multiple locations or a single location on any tablet, mobile device, or desktop PC.

Mobile Alerts

Set up real-time notifications to alert management via text message or email when various situations occur such as overtime, break violations, minors, cash in the drawer, discounts and comps.

Menu Management

Manage menu databases for multiple sites from a central location, including pricing promotions and site-specific menu variances.

QuickMenu Enterprise

  • Manage menus across your entire chain
  • Control what you manage and what stores can add/remove/change
  • Monitor menu updates in your POSicloud dashboard

Easily manage your sites from anywhere in the world.

With these powerful tools, POSitouch enables multi-unit operators to manage and control their many sites, locally or around the world, from any location. This facilitates new product launches or menu changes by electronically distributing new menu items or updating prices. It also allows for rapid analysis of data to know how products are moving chain-wide and which ones are profitable. POSitouch’s world-class enterprise offerings are scalable to handle any chain environment, with the state-of-the-art tools to give you an edge on your competition.

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